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New York City with all its hustle and bustle can be a family-friendly place. It has lots of kid-friendly destinations like hotels, restaurants, entertainment opportunities. They all can be a great attraction not only for children but also for the whole family. What is more, there are family friendly accommodations, services, and entertainment to fit [...]

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The Broken Bow lake is located in between the massive forests and mountains, and it also covers a huge land area of about one hundred thousand acres. The Broken Bow Lake is just three hours of travel from Dallas. There are two main areas in the Beavers Bend Park, which are just few minutes from Oklahoma’s Broken Bow namely Broken Bow Lake cabins and also the Beavers Bend Cabins.

If you’re searching for unsuspecting starts for today’s major theme parks, you would have to travel to Buena Park, California and back to the 1920s, when the Knott family began making a profit off of boysenberries that they grew at a roadside stand and farming twenty acres of land.

Carribean sailing vacations make it both affordable and easy to arrange a dream trip, and on top of that Yacht Charters are the ultimate vacation experience.

If you have chosen Lake Mead in Nevada for your houseboat vacation, then you can be sure that there a lot of beautiful memories ahead of you. Days on Lake Mead are usually spent riding jet skis, which are often towed by houseboats, swimming in the cool lake water.

Family houseboat vacations certainly do take some planning, especially if you are taking your children onboard. If you have small children it might be quite dangerous to take one of these vacations. Houseboat vacations can make an extremely relaxing and amazing way to bring the family together, without it being a pain.

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A giant, prehistoric-looking squid made an appearance in Delray Beach, Florida, surprising lifeguards and beachgoers.

The 3-foot-long squid was drifting close to shore before it washed onto the beach, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The orange and yellow squid was wounded and squirting ink “by the cupful,” the newspaper reports.

Realizing the marine creature was in trouble, onlookers quickly sprang into action to help the squid back out to sea.

“It’s used to being in places that are dark and black,” says Delray Beach Ocean Rescue lifeguard Conor Gorman. “To be in the sunshine on the beach was not a good spot.”

Gorman and helpers gripped the squid’s muscular tentacles and got the creature into a cooler.

Then the lifeguard and a pal released the squid into the sea.

“He’ll probably get eaten by a shark,” Gorman says. “But I’d rather have [the squid] die in the ocean where it’s supposed to.”

According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, squid inhabit Florida waters year-round. But a spokesman says such a sighting is “very unusual.”

Photo, Conor Gorman/Orlando Sentinel


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I’m sped from the airport by a James Bond-style driver clad all in black. He plays a CD of New Age dolphin song music, the sort that normally goes with massages and crystals. Is he getting me into the mood for the SHA Wellness Clinic – the world’s fi…

The leading river cruise company announced a new 15-day program on the waterway that visits key sights in Vietnam and Cambodia. The first cruise is December 27, with the trip offered on select dates throughout 2011.

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